Be Your Own Damn Disco Ball In Isolated Heroes Plus Size Line

Do you like the nightlife? Do you like to boogie? If you answered yes to any of these questions then chances are you also are a fan of disco balls and shiny things. Me, too. By transitive property that means you’ll love UK clothing brand Isolated Heroes. There was a time in the not so distance past where plus-size women were relegated to loose fitting bland clothes, empire waist dresses, and a-line skirts. Okay, that’s

Rocking The GabiFresh Milestone Bikini To Ring In My Bikiniversary

She Wore An Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Cactus Bikini Last year in March I was on vacation in San Diego. Not only that, but I had recently purchased a ballin out dope bikini from the GabiFresh x Swimsuitsforall 2016 line. On our last day in San Diego I finally worked up the courage to do a photoshoot in my beautiful fatkini. The whole entire shoot I was nervous as hell and embarrassed even though there

Last minute plus-size shopping because I turned my birthday into a lifestyle

Girl, let me r-r-r-rock your body. Growing up chubby always meant stressful shopping situations. My options were always limited to department stores or trying to squeeze into a 14 until the rise of plus-size fashion in the past few years. Even with more choices than ever it’s still not abundant. New Year’s Resolutions are BS to me because the calendar year doesn’t define how long I’ve been on this planet. These past few years I’ve

Goth Tropic… How To Extend Your Summer Wardrobe Into Winter

Back in the day before I had too many clothes to fit in my closet, I lived off of a few staple items ALL DAMN YEAR LONG. Who needs seasons anyway? My closet was sparse yet fun (if you were ever my roommate you know the clothes I did own lived on the floor bursting out of my closet and into your space so that’s sort of !FuN!). The sparseness of my closet up until