LOL – Comedy Stuff

Who knew you could be fashionable and funny? Well, apparently 95% of comedians don’t know you can be fashionable (interestingly enough, though, 65% of stand up comedians have enough leather to attend a leather convention). I come at you with the triple F: funky, fashionable, funny. Watch out.

Hailing from Chicago means, of course, I’ve done a lil improv and a lil writing. While in Chicago I completed Annoyance’s improv program and also took several writing classes at iO Chicago. A week before moving to LA I preformed stand up for the first time through Lincoln Lodge’s Feminine Comique course. Taking my jokes to LA I recently performed at the Laugh Riot Grrrl Fest at Tao Comedy Studio. If you want me to tell things to people to try and make them lol then contact me. If you think I’m acting material then you can contact my agent… who is also me.


Oh, yeah. I can also act like your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend in your sketch comedy videos. Hmu.