Taco Bell X Forever21

I still go to Taco Bell drive through, raw as Hell – Fergie

Me too, Fergie. Me too. Taco Bell will always be there. Old friends may have gone their own way, but somehow me and Taco Bell stay together through thick and thin. My humble order of a bean burrito and nachos keeps me coming back month after month… and depending on the month, it could be week after week. I even had a surprise party at Taco Bell in high school. If only virality was a thing back then.

You better believe I make my Uber and Lyft drivers take me to Taco Bell when I’m drunk. Sometimes two if the first one is closed.

So needless to say, as a Taco Bell evangelist,  I’m very excited about Taco Bell x Forever21. What a fricken combo. Not quite like their $5 combo box though at Taco Bell. What a steal!  It was also amazing getting to walk in the fashion show for this collab. An experience I’ll never forget! Check out some looks I created below that are saucy AF.

What I’m Wearing:

Black velvet plus size flared pants Forever21 Plus

Plus size fire Taco Bell bodysuit Forever21 Plus

Plus size hot Taco Bell bodysuit Forever21 Plus

Flame platforms Forever21

forever21 taco bell fire sauce bodysuit
As Rihanna once said, “throw it up, throw it up. let it all fall down.” I, on average, use 18 packets of hot sauce during a Taco Bell meal.
taco bell x forever21 hot sauce bodysuit
Never wore words truer on my belly
Forever21 plus taco bell
Aint got money, but I got hella sauce.
forever21 plus hot sauce bodysuit
When someone asks why you have an attitude problem
forever21 plus orange bodysuit
It’s not surprising that a taco bell hot sauce packet fits me like a glove
forever21 plus taco bell fire bodysuit
Don’t wait up because I’m in the drive thru anyway
forever21 plus taco bell bodysuit
What can I say… Taco Bell brings out the high fashion in moi.


Now go get yourself some hot sauce looks and a quesarito!


Pics by the incredible Jessica Hinkle (who is a an amazing stylist and photographer) & wild boy Mason.





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