Finding The Right Fit With Torrid Jeans

I’ve got money in these jeans, so they fit kind of snug.

In my whole entire adult (and teen) life I never thought that my belly button would make an appearance. Plagued by memories of ill fitting lowrise jeans that caused severe muffin tops as a 13 year old, I figured there were no lowrise jeans for big girls. Those jeans were not made for bellies. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a lot of plus size girls and women are self-conscious of their bellies and belly buttons. You don’t find nice lil round belly buttons on us, you find soft and creased belly buttons on us.

Cropped boyfriend style skinny jeans, also forget about it. I’ve been irrationally wildly insecure about my calves! Yes my calves. A lot of plus girls have thick and nice legs, but not this chick. I got long thin limbs and a chunky middle. It’s actually really hard to find plus size jeans that accommodate my legs. Skinny jeans often just look like boot leg cut on me.

So there I was, just a girl who felt irrational about her belly button and calves. Minding my own business when I ended up with these Torrid jeans. My first pair of jeans that were not high waisted nor skinny in probably 8 years and boy oh boy I can’t stop wearing them. It feels soooooo nice not to have my chubby belly concealed in high-waisted pants and to expose my belly button and lil ole calves. People always compliment me on these jeans and they were totally out of my realm. Sometimes we let our irrational feelings about our bodies stop us from taking risks whether it’s fashion or something else.

Don’t stand in your own way of looking poppin.


What I’m wearing:

Long line plus size bomber Torrid

Plus size destroyed cropped jeans Torrid

Underwire bralette Torrid

Combat boots Torrid (these boots are soooo comfy)



torrid bomber jacket
Ready to drop my 90s rnb album. I love this bomber. It’s going to be perfect for the supper chilly LA winter 😉 
plus size bralette from torrid
Fl0w3r child even with my bralettes
plus size bralette
My first pair of lowrise jeans that actually fit
plus size boyfriend jeans
These jeans are so comfy yet fitted.
plus size torrid outfit
torrid jeans
All glown up


Stay stuntin. 


Peace out my lowrise homies, 




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