Closing out summer Flavortown style in my Guy Fieri swimsuit

A wise prophet once said, “I can’t play the guitar, but I can play the griddle.”

I actually can’t do either that well, but I do wear Guy Fieri’s face really well.

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over! Mainly because it always feels like summer in LA. There’s no hustle and bustle during the summer months like the midwest so I had time to do really important worldly things like this Guy Fieri photoshoot. That’s gangster!

This summer has been all about surviving and trying to thrive. It’s been 6 months since I moved to LA where I also booked a one way ticket to Flavortown. It’s been up and down since moving, but this summer in LA has been nothing but being my true authentic weirdo self. Summer is a good time to thrive and get focused because there’s hella sun, fresh veggies and fruit, and lots of skin to expose. I’m happy to live in a place where exposing my skin next to Guy Fieri’s face is totally normal.

As we get into Fall don’t forget to keep all that bright and happy shit with you as we start to cover up… and if you’re in the midwest– hibernate. Keep it gangster this fall by taking care of yourself and rocking your true authentic self, which is hopefully a bleached hair Ed Hardy wearing weirdo.

Nothing but flame vibezzzzzz out to all of you as we venture into fall on the Flavortown bus. Peace, love, and taco grease.

What I’m wearing

Guy Fieri Swimsuit Beloved Shirts


beloved swimsuit
Flaming hot
guy fieri swimsuit
Did someone say Flavortown?
guy fieri swimsuit by beloved shirts
Holy moly, stromboli
guy fieri fashion
Peace, love, and bacon grease
flame hat
About to dive into Flavortown
guy fieri swimsuit
Did you get any tater with that gator?
guy fieri bathingsuit
I make a porchetta you won’t forgetta


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