Rocking Any Size In Swimsuits For All’s Origami Swimsuit

Be Fluid

No matter your size I hope you live to your fullest and freshest.

Channel your inner Rihanna who is a fashion killa at a size 0 and a size 4/6. Sometimes our bodies change (have y’all heard of hormones, stress, environment?). One week we’re smaller and a few weeks later we’re bigger. Don’t spend your week agonizing over 5 pounds or 25 pounds you’ve recently lost or gained. Body positivity is about accepting your body wherever you’re at. Right now I’m smaller and that’s cool because it’s not an accomplishment for me, it just is. I don’t know how much I’ve lost since I don’t own a scale because I’m LIVING and my life is not dictated by a number on a scale. My body is ever changing and so am I. Invite fluidity into your life, especially with your body, and you’ll feel fly all the time. 

I look good if I’m a size 14 or I’m a size 20 because I’m comfortable with who I am. My body is a part of who I am and I’ll cherish no matter what size I am. I’ve been so many sizes multiple times from crash dieting, but I covered up and tried to conform. My swimsuits consisted of only shitty tankinis for a decade. I’ve been the size I am so many times before, but I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin to wear a swimsuit like this before. It feels good to not cover up and just live.

Accept fluidity with your body so you can just live. Also, praise companies like Swimsuits For All for making swimsuits in bigger sizes that aren’t just tankinis.

What I’m Wearing:

Origami Swimsuit Swimsuits For All

Lace-up Boots Steve Madden

Neo Noir Le Specs


swimsuitsforall ashley graham swimsuit
River rock chillin in Yosemite
origami swimsuit
Make sure to order true to size in the top. The support isn’t the best for this suit
origami swimsuit bottoms
Butt, order up in the bottoms!

origami suit top

ashley graham origami swimsuit

swimsuitsforall origami swimsuit
Be your own damn mountain

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