Chunk Travels: Weird California Road Trip

California is a big-ass state

Cali has so much to see and do. You could never leave LA country and never run out of new things to explore. Butttttt that ain’t my style and I was going crazy wanting to see some more of the state. I set off with my bestie boys, George & Bystry, to explore the east side of the state up to Bodie on a Wednesday-Saturday.


Uhhhh, due to LA traffic we didn’t make it very for before we had to stop for food. We hit up Smoke House Restaurant because Bystry loves Lala Land and apparently there’s a scene or something at this place. The food was decent. Your typical steakhouse food with pictures of celebrities everywhere. The water, however, had like weird-ass sprit shit mixed into it. Garlic cheese bread was dope though.

smokehouse burbank
Damn, complimentary photo with dinner


We stayed at a Travelodge because we are above no frills, but below general standards. Our room was seriously haunted and weird. George is a bi skeptic in the paranormal yet admits that this room was weird AF. If you want the creepy spooky details hit me up.

Bystry and I dined at the complimentary breakfast at the Travelodge. DO NOT forget your breakfast coupon or else they will not let you eat. The food was what you would expect if you have Travelodge standards. I ate everything on my plate because I’m nasty like that: biscuits & gravy, weird-ass eggs, hashbrowns… all doused in hot sauce.

Things on the way up yonder

Red Rock Canyon State Park. You like the color red? You like rocks? You like canyons? Then this is the place for you.

Tom’s Place Cafe. This place was your typical diner type food and had a weird and cute gift store. The cafe was also alongside a beautiful river. There was a roadside BBQ place a little bit bit before Tom’s Place Cafe that looked poppin. I think you should stop there instead of Tom’s, but Tom’s was still good. Delicious pie.

red rock canyon state park in cali
Is it hot or just the flames on my clothes?

red rock canyon in california

How to pass the time

  • Sing a long to music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s
  • Play the celebrity name association game
  • Play 20 questions. You will keep losing the whole trip until the last day where you will suddenly become victorious even though everyone is over the game at this point
  • Sing to the dog in the car
  • Buy lotto tickets
  • Talk about how the hotel room was haunted
zoey the dog
Zoey the angel!

Bodie – the abandoned mine town!

Bodie is like no other place I’ve been. I’ve been to plenty of historical sites where employees are dressed in time period clothing, but ain’t nothing like that. Bodie is literally frozen in time. You peer through the windows of these old homes and you see decaying mattresses, cribs, teapots. You name it.

bodie, california

bathtub in bodie
Bath time in Bodie!
bodie outhouse
Does anyone need to go pee pee?

Bodie was once a booming mine town that was home to 8,000 people. It had hella bars, a not so secure looking jails, a mill, a big ole’ school, etc. It had all the shi you could need, which is nice because it’s in the middle of nowhere built on a plateau. The town started declining in the late 1800s and early 1900s as mining resources ran out. The National Park Service runs Bodie now; they do a great job of up-keeping this place so we can journey back in time.

bodie, california
Big ole Bodie!
bodie club cold beer
You can find me in the club
abandoned bar
Pour it up pour it up
rusted car bodie california
Rusted, baby

Mammoth Lakes

The east side of Yosemite isn’t as popping as the west side, but we were mix of popping and relaxation so we chose to stay in Mammoth Lakes. Located just 40 miles from the Tioga Pass entrance from Yosemite, Mammoth Lakes is the perfect ski resort town. It has cute hotels, restaurants, cafes, and even a movie theater.

We stayed at Sierra Nevada Resort & Spa which had hella restaurants onsite, mini golfing, a pool, and a hot tub. Also, dog friendly. Every night we were there we hit up their onsite restaurant and bar-Rafters. We got to experience Latin Night one night (where we were mistaken for locals) that featured a salsa class and a DJ. The following night a live band played while a lot of young people were drunk and older people were grinding. Funky as hell.

sierra nevada resort & spa
View from our hotel room. Not too shabby

We also ate at Good Day Cafe for breakfast one day. Pretty decent. The best food we had in Mammoth Lakes was the popping Mexican joint called Roberto’s. We also wandered around the town til we found some ice cream. Mmmmm mmmm. Oh, and Bystry ate Carl’s Jr. when George and I went to the Looney Bean. Sooooooooooooo good.

Oh yeah, also the stars are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful away from light pollution. But damn, I’ve never been that close to the stars before so my neck was hurting from looking up and being that close.

Yosemite – da east side

The Tioga Pass is the only entrance on the east side of Yosemite. It is also the least traveled part of Yosemite so I highly recommend it. There were trailheads located everywhere as well as some beautiful mountains, marshes, lakes, rivers, boulders. Ugh, it was all so pretty. It was so damn pristine. There was still snow everywhere so much that the east side entrance just opened at the end of June.

I highly recommend checking out Olmsted Point to see some stunning views of Yosemite. It was just all so pretty. I can’t get over it.

mammoth lake basin
Cutie selfie boys: George & Bysytry
river in yosemite
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.
snow in yosemite in the summer
Still snow on a 85 degree day!
olmsted point yosemite
Olmsted point!
The best part about yosemite is everyone pops out of their cars and explores all the different trails (and uhhh non-trails like us)
yosemite tioga pass
The highest I’ve been…. well in terms of elevation. So beautiful!


Don’t delay on traveling. You have the ability to travel then you should. It reminds us how diverse life and this planet are. So stop with that delay and get to doing it. I can’t wait to explore more of the beautiful and the weird of California


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