Be Your Own Damn Disco Ball In Isolated Heroes Plus Size Line

Do you like the nightlife? Do you like to boogie?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then chances are you also are a fan of disco balls and shiny things. Me, too. By transitive property that means you’ll love UK clothing brand Isolated Heroes.

There was a time in the not so distance past where plus-size women were relegated to loose fitting bland clothes, empire waist dresses, and a-line skirts. Okay, that’s also still happening in the present. With brands like Isolated Heroes expanding their main line to include up to size a size US 22 (and for certain items you can can contact them for custom larger sizes) it gives me hope that plus size people will break away from the traditional let me cover up my rolls look. It gives me hope that more fat people will show off their bodies with sequins, fur, mesh and whatever other yummy stuff Isolated Heroes can cook up.

Maybe you actually like bland loose fitting clothes and maybe some of you don’t, but still wear them anyway while you day dream of the shiny. Brands like Isolated Heroes are finally listening to our voices and creating some of the dopest clothes on the market in our sizes!! I never thought I would be able to find a pink biker jacket with monogolian fur or a split mesh dress in my size; I always thought I would have to lose weight to find fabulously over the top clothing. Now we don’t have to feel that way because of Isolated Heroes.

I love how these sequins and this dress make me feel- like I need to go boogie somewhere ASAP. Don’t shy away from sticking out. Fat people are told to stay hidden and to dress modestly. I say fuck it, dress like a damn lux devore disco ball and feel fly doing it. Be the fat and shiny being you were put on this earth to be!


What I’m Wearing:

Lux Devore Tshirt Dress Isolated Heroes


plus size sequin t-shirt dress
Feeling very lux in these lux sequins from Isolated Heroes
isolated heroes t-shirt dress
Lux leaves. These sequins makes me feel hella luxrious.
isolated heroes plus size dress
The grass is always greener on the other side…. except for when you’re looking luxurious in sequins.
purple sequin tshirt dress
When your lipstick matches you dress.
LUX Devore Sequin T-Shirt Dress
Lux long legs


Photos by Rachael Humphries

P.s. does anyone know where I can actually get a disco ball that looks like this?


Shiny kisses, 


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