Boys Wanna Be Her

Boys Wanna Be Her 

They sure fricken do.

Ladies and gentleman and everything between, I have been slacking on you all. Things have been so crazy since moving because I’m out here hustling. In the 9 weeks I’ve been here I’ve only slept in once… that kind of hustling. My brain is extremely fried right now. Yolo. But, I promise I got some fresh funky fantastic coming your way soon. Since moving to LA I’ve met so many incredible people pushing the way I think and dress.

Even with my brain being totally fried I’m still feeling driven and inspired. The women around me keep on reminding me that I can do anything, I can be anything.

One of the coolest things that’s happened in LA was modeling for the bad ass Chicago studio Vichcraft. At the shoot I met some of the dopest women ever. It was so powerful to be around women fiercely pursuing their passions. If you don’t know about Vichcraft then you are missing out on some witchy vibes and strong feminist messages. Jenna Blazevich is the woman, the myth, the legend behind Vichcraft and an amazing calligrapher. All of her work is about female empowerment so if you’re into that, which I know you are, you should check her out.

Jenna’s Boys Wanna Be Her design called to me when I first saw it so I knew I had to do something like wear it on a bikini on a roof in KTown. Honestly what boy wouldn’t want to be a joke telling Cheetos addicted fashionista Princeologist? I’m personally loving it. Sorry if I continue to slack on you guys, but I promise to be bringing some dope things your way with the support of some even doper women 🙂

Women can accomplish anything. Little boys will want to grow up to be us one day. Even when your brain is turning to mush and you’re overdoing it you can rely on women to help you put it all back into balance. Instead of being jealous of each other, let’s build each other up.

What I’m Wearing:

Mesh dresss Fashion Nova Curve

Boys Wanna Be Her Back Patch Vichcraft

Motorcycle Boots Frye

Holy Rose necklace Vidakush

Mamacita necklace Vidakush

Sunglasses Quay/Asos

boys wanna be her vichcraft
Boys would love to wear this outfit. No pants. The dream.
plus size mesh dress and bikini
Easy breezy
quay sunglasses
When the Korean BBQ smell wafts up to the roof
fashionnova curve mesh dress
Boots & Bikini
plus size mesh dress and leather jacket
When you just tryna to remind everyone you are the definition of extra
vidakush rosary necklace
Thinking bout you… Chester the Cheetos Cheetah
vichcraft back patch
Isn’t the smog beautiful?



Girl out, 


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