I’m Just Too Much For You… In My Isolated Heroes Sequin Duster

” I fucks with you ’til I realize I’m just too much for you. I’m just too much for you.” – Beyonce (because she knows everything)

Some of us are wasting time being disingenuous, not to other people, but to ourselves. We worry “am I too much of this or not enough of that?” Well, the truth is for some people we are too much or not enough. That’s just how it goes. Instead of letting this go, though, we end up try to make these people like us. We get lost from who we really are worrying about what other people think.

Does this look too weird? Do you think this is too skimpy? Is this too crazy?

Was I being too loud? Did I come off as too aggressive? Do they think I’m too over the top? If you are anything like me then people 100% think you are too loud, too aggressive, and too over the top at times. I live for the ridiculous so some people are going to think I am too much. I wasn’t okay with that for a long time. I was already taking up to much space with my body so taking up more space with my personality and style felt like too much. The backlash of being too much in a fat body felt intensified. 

I was too much and I wasn’t enough. Not thin enough, not lady-like enough, not timid enough. My innate being was out of order; I let people turn down my volume. Other people’s opinions on how I was too much of this or not enough of that influenced me. This past year it finally hit me– there is nothing wrong with me. Yes I am A LOT, but that’s how I roll. Things about me that I stifled are actually some of my best qualities because they’re what sets me apart.

Being outrageous is what makes me stand out. I can’t believe I was suppressing it for so long. Our unique personalities and styles are what make us interesting. It’s okay to take up a lot of space if that’s what comes naturally to you.

You should never compromise who you are.

I’m more thank okay with being loud AF, rocking 8 gold rings like I’m Sha-Sha-Shabba Ranks, taking up hella space, and dancing around in a sequin duster. Being anything else feels unnatural. If someone isn’t into it then that’s cool with me because you gotta do you and I gotta do me. If you’re feeling like you’re too much or not enough then chances are you’re surrounding yourself with people who don’t get you, who don’t appreciate the true you. It’s time to stop giving a fuck about the people who can’t understand you and get to being true to you.

When I found the Scottish clothing brand Isolated Heroes, through pretty much every bad ass plus-size blogger, I knew I found a brand that could help bring out the true me: a sequined covered chunky and funky babe. Isolated Heroes makes loud, beautiful, and fun clothing creations bringing the funk to all. The best part is that they cater to large range of sizes and if they don’t carry your size they will do their best accommodate you. It’s rare to find a brand that is so loud and caters to bigger bodies.

Expression through fashion is part of my vitality. Awesome brands like Isolated Heroes make it possible for girls, like me, who have been told they take up too much space to express themselves however the funk they want. So next time you find yourself asking “is this too crazy?” just go with the flow and step outside your comfort zone and get on the road to the true you. It might just be lined with sequins.

What I’m Wearing:

Rings Snash Jewelry

Ombre Sequin Coat Isolated Heroes

Mini Skirt H&M

Thigh High Chunky Boots Asos

Rolling Stone’s Tshirt My mom’s closet

Sunglasses Le Specs

Gold lips Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis

cheetos ring
When you’re a jewish hot sauce lovin cheetos chompin Prince fan bad bitch.
isolated heroes duster
oh la la. feeling myself and this sequin duster.
plus size thigh high boots
Le freak. C’est chic.
rolling stones vintage shirt
Channeling mick jagger
plus size sequin coat
My album is dropping yesterday
isolated heroes sequin duster
Feeling the funk.
asos thigh high boots
Sometimes you just gotta lean on the pier like a G.
gold lipstick
Stay gold
ombre sequin coat
isolated heroes ombre sequin coat
Don’t hurt yourself
mongolian fur collar
I’m just too much for you


What are you afraid of being too much of or not enough of?



Sequin sass out, 


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