What the f@#% is that in my closet?: An Adidas crop bralette

Admitting you have a problem is the first step

Guys, I’ve officially run out of closet space.

At first I was proud of my mass collection of plus-size crop tops, but when I counted that I had 60 crop tops I knew things had gotten out of hand. After that my eyes wandered over to my collection of skater skirts that I’ve only touched twice the summer. Then I started noticing all these random sequin clothes… where did these even come from?? How did this happen? Where am I?

Well, actually it’s pretty easy to figure out how I went from a person with not a lot of clothes to someone with a pink velvet dress and a leather skirt. Up until two or three years ago the plus-size fashion industry was a F R A C T I O N of what it is now. My options were Forever 21, Asos, a few independent designers, Macy’s, and the classic plus-size stores. That was really it. The outfit below would have been inconceivable to me circa 2009.

Then the plus-size revolution exploded and so did my laundry.

It was finally my time to shine and buy everything trendy. I was willing to buy anything and everything in my size so I did. Then I did again. And again. And Again. And again. Did I really need that pink sequin dress I’ve never worn? No, but it was sooooooooooo exciting that it was in my size so I bought it.

It has been amazing to go from having almost no options to having new plus-size retailers pop up on the scene monthly. Buttttttt, now I have a bunch of random-ass items in my closet. So many items I bought because I couldn’t believe that something so bold was being made in my size, but I was too self-conscious at the time to wear them and forgot about them.

Getting rid of your clothes is the 2nd step

With all these plus-size clothing options it’s time to focus on quality over quantity. In an attempt to purge my closet I’m going to be posting about awesome finds from the back of my closet, like this Adidas sports bra crop top and hologram purse. I didn’t know Adidas made anything over a size 14 so I had to snatch this top up when I saw it in a 16! Snactched it up and wore it once. Well, now twice! I decided it’s a keeper though; it looks pretty bomb with some leopard.

Any clothes I’m not grooving with I’ll be selling on my Depop Shop! Let my overstuffed closet help expand yours. Long live the plus-size revolution!

What I’m Wearing:

Adidas bralette crop top Asos

Black high waisted jeans Asos Curve

Leopard Kimono Amazon (took like 2 months to arrive, but it’s been worth it. I even tie the kimono into a crop top)

Hologram purse Amazon (similar)

plus size adidas crop top
Feeling myself
plus size adidas outfit
Really feelings 90s, Missy Elliott, and Sporty Spice in this outfit. Happy I didn’t let this little gem go!

orange sunglasses

plus size outfit ideas
The devil is in the details
dope ring
Still can’t get over how ~dope~  MAC’s liquid lipsticks are.

plus size black bralette

plus size summer outfit
Lounging in leopard at the L
plus size leopard kimono
Uptown girl


What’s some of the craziest stuff you’ve found in your closet?? I found a Fall Out Boy shirt circa 2004!


Your clothes addict, 


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