Turn A Bad Body Day Into A Yo Gotti Day With A Swimsuit

Beyoncé has bad days. Yes, you read right… even Beyoncé.

My confidence and self-esteem have both grown by leaps and bounds, but there are still days where I feel eh or blah. That’s okay though because everyone has days where they feel like this. Even people like Queen B have days where they don’t feel 100% about their bodies or confidence because they’re bloated or tried on something that wasn’t flattering.

It happens to everyone.

Just because I’ve learned to like my body and be chill with it doesn’t mean there aren’t moments where I feel badly about myself. Since I’m having to reverse nearly two decades of negative thinking there’s still a lot to work on. The difference is now I actively work to keep the bad days at bay.

The key is not to beat yourself up further when you aren’t feeling 100% about yourself. Whether you binge eat or look in the mirror and feel crappy just remember it happens, dude. Instead of spending hours or days sulking about it, I choose to feel better about myself by doing things just for me. This usually consists of putting on my wildest clothing, listening to some Drake or Courtney Barnett (that would be an interesting collab, right?), dancing around, and of course a lot of positive talk.

One of my favorite ways to feel better about myself is to throw on a bathingsuit and hit the beach. If I can’t make my beach dreams come true, because Chicago weather, then I make a beach day at home. Prancing around in your bikini while it’s blizzarding outside makes you take life a little less seriously.

If the beach isn’t for you then here are some other tips to turn a bad body day into a Yo Gotti day:
  • Remember that your body is THE SHIT. If you can’t think of any reasons why then make a list of all the cool stuff you’ve done in your body
  • Realize whatever you’re thinking is pretty damn irrational
  • Take a bubble bath, do your hair, or really any type of grooming that you love
  • Put on something that makes you feel like a sexy bitch
  • Throw your favorite lipstick on (or maybe put a ~wild~ shade is)
  • Blast your favorite jams. I suggest some Rihanna, Trina, Beyonce, Prince, Missy Elliott, Shamir, Drake, Courtney Barnett, Lauryn Hill
  • Look in the mirror and try to see yourself the way others who love you do
  • Look in that same mirror and tell yourself that you’re the baddest (this should be the natural progression if your chose to listen to Trina)
  • Do anything to remember how awesome and able your body is. Shake that booty, go on a walk, pump some iron, or hit the beach
  • Create some art
  • Read some stuff by Virgie Tovar, Isabel Foxen Duke, Ashley Graham, Gabi Fresh, Courtney Mina, Eff Your Beauty Standards, etc.
  • Take another look in that mirror and you’ll start to see the awesome being you are
  • Go out with your homies to explore and indulge (in your fave foods)
  • Remember anything you are feeling or were feeling is irrational
  • Record a rapchat… or maybe that’s just me. Add me on rapchat for the sickest freestyles in the 312
  • Keeping telling yourself, “you’re enough.”
  • You
  • Are
  • Enough
  • Already
  • Just trust me on being enough because if you know me then you know I’m always right 😉 … but seriously I am!

P.s. these tips work for regular bad days, not just bad body days.

Since I moonlight as a beach bum, I was very amped to find this custom Sirene Libre NYC lace-up bodysuit/swimsuit. This bodysuit easily transitions from the beach to wherever, which is perfect for days that start off blah and end up blAHMAZING. This suit hugs all my curves perfectly, even my belly, and reminds me that my body is enough the way it is. I can wear it to the beach or pair with my favorite jeans or skirt then I’m ready go. That’s stylish versatility for you.

Even on a bad day, just remember life’s a beach if you let it be.

What I’m wearing:

Custom bodysuit Sirene Libre NYC

Black beach kimono (on sale!) Asos Curve

Black jeggings Asos Curve

Sequin bag Skinny Dip London (similar)

Black bucket hat Stussy

plus size purple swimsuit
Beach bum

plus size purple one piece
Leggin’ it

lavender plus size swimsuit
Embrace your rolls, don’t hate on them.

NYX liquid suede lavender
Obviously had to match my lavender suit with NYX’s Liquid Suede in Lavender

plus size swimsuit
Oh yeah, remember to laugh on bad body days!

lavender one piece swimsuit
Even laughing isn’t working then go for some sass. Always works for me.

plus size black kimono
Kimonos are part of my go-to feel better ensemble because they’re elegant and can make you feel fancy AF. Some kimonos you can even tie into a crop top when you’re really trying to bring the heat.

asos curve black jeggings
Nothing like a good pair of jeggings that are super comfortable. These Asos Cruve jeggings are the bomb, but I would order down from your normal size to get an optimal fit.

mermaid sequin bag
When you’re over your bad body BS just go for it and channel your inner mermaid.

How do you deal with bad days?




2 thoughts on “Turn A Bad Body Day Into A Yo Gotti Day With A Swimsuit

  1. For me, dealing with any bad day – regular or body bad day – headphones in, volume up and a 30 minute high speed walk. Then home, shower and an at home pedicure. Making my toes look pretty makes me feel pretty!

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