Witch Worldwide Review: The witches are doing it for themselves

The sisters witches are doin it for themselves

Man, what a time to be alive. SCOTUS just ruled in favor of women’s health rights and made reckless domestic violence a misdemeanor while the presumptive Democratic nominee is a woman. WHOA! Crazy to think how much things have changed considering that women weren’t even allowed to wear pants on the Senate floor until 1993. Freaky shit, huh? 

We’re tapping on the glass ceiling and it’s ready to crack. Almost time to start throwing those Benjamins, America!

Aside from the political and economic goodness going on, us women are also helping each other feel better about our bodies. With 42% of 1st to 3rd graders girls wanting to be thinner we’re lucky that there is a finally a growing community of body positivity females because 7 year olds shouldn’t be worried about their weight.

A huge reason this blog exists is because I was part of the 42% that then became part of the 53% of teenage girls on a diet, then 58% of college girls who feel pressure to be a certain weight, and definitely was part of the 91% of women who diet because they’re unhappy with their bodies. Through a lot of hard work and finding like-minded women, I’m not longer part of the 91% and it’s been the shit.

Before, I was uncomfortable in my own skin pretty much all the time– sort of like the guy in the Tamiflu commercial who is too big for his house before takes the Tamiflu. Instead of some wacky medicine though a bunch of women helped me feel the right size for my home. I’m hella weird, I know, but hey that’s how it feels to me.

On my journey to not hate myself I encountered so many inspiring women who empowered me to find the real me. So many great books, YouTube videos, podcasts, articles, Instagram posts, and blog posts taught me I was enough the way I was, I was more than enough. My hope is to do the same and help people to realize their inner dopeness. Girl power, yo! Praise the Spice Girls for instilling the idea of girl power in me at a young age.

The more you like yourself the easier it is to support other women. Another cool thing about this blog is that I constantly get to support ballin out bad-ass women with all my monies and my tax returns. With part of this most recent tax return I decided to support 4 witchy, body positive, bad bitches: Witch Worldwide. I first discovered WW on Tunnel Vision, which is an awesome site with vintage and unique pieces for all sizes. Oh, and it’s run by four women as well! All of these women are rad AF obviously.

Witch Worldwide’s clothes are all my favorite color… black! I don’t adjust to summer colors so well so black on black is the way I go. Cruel summer, ya know. Plus, they have a ton of sassy witchy sayings on everyting. Fashion like this reminds that you don’t have to apologize for your size or what you want to wear. To make this brand even better, they have stellar customer service. They are the shit so no matter what your size is they’ve got something witchy for you.

What I’m wearing:

Girl Power halter tank Witch Worldwide or Tunnel Vision

Velvet skater skirt Forever 21+

Motorcycle boots Sam Edelman

Feminist choker necklace Witch Worldwide

Coven (see what I did there) Kat Von D studded lipstick

witch worldwide girl power halter
~girl power~
plus size feminism
One of the cool things about Witch Worldwide clothing is that it comes in all sizes and is stretchy to make sure it can accommodate different body types.
witch world wide plus size
TBH guys, just wanted to show off how good my new highlighter from Becca looks in this photo
feminist choker necklace
F E M I N I S T. You know I am. Well, really I’m about human rights, but for me part of that is feminism. It’s not a dirty word… it’s a bad ass word. It feels good to be able to wear it loud and proud with this choker.
plus size black outfit
Speaking of feminism, this photoshoot was the first time in my WHOLE LIFE that I went a long period of time braless in public. Don’t worry I’m not going to go any bra burnings now. I’ve had jugs since I was 9 though and have always carried some shame around them, especially when it came to being braless. This halter top is meant to support and free the girls so I went with it. #liberation
plus size halter crop top
Lakeside chillin and mean muggin
plus size velvet skater skirt
Another thing Witch Worldwide helped me liberate was my back fat! Dem little rolls in the back are finally free to be themselves.
witch worldwide crop top
Just remember you don’t have to be what society tells you to be just because of your gender, size, race, religion, etc. Learn to empower yourself so you can empower others to be just as dope.


Thanks to my homie girl, Callie, for taking these photos and always helping me to realize my worth. Yo, and always strive to be like Notorious RGB.


Sister out,




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