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Alright guys, let me warn you that you won’t be seeing a Café du Monde beignet in this post, but instead you’ll see a beignet infinitely more delicious. Truth is, this isn’t my first rendezvous with New Orleans – it’s more like my 9th or 10th-  because my sister went to college down in the Big Easy. Now, my very own best friend, Biermann, lives down there teaching at a magnet school because she’s an angel. On top of that, my sister’s very own best friend, the wonderful Sarena, lives there too. What a magical place. 

I opted for more of a local experience since I’ve done a lot of the big touristy things in down in the Chocolate City. Well, really this is just my approach to most traveling… not sure if it’s because I’m lazy or just really laidback. Usually if there’s something super touristy I wanted to do – like buying a muffuletta from Central Grocery to eat and one to bring home to my sister then wandering around the quarter alone – I just wake up early and git 2 it myself.

Wandering alone in a city other than your own is usually a very exhilarating experience. I dig it and recommend it.

If you haven’t been to NOLA please get on it. There is no other city in the United States quite like New Orleans. It’s a vibrant city with a unique culture that buzzes with music and pops of culture while never letting down your taste buds, but your liver probably doesn’t feel the same way. New Orleans gives you such warm feeling whenever you’re there that is so comforting. Then again, that could just be the stick icky humid weather.  If you’re into music, food, GHOSTS, open container laws errr I mean drinking, architecture, or history then the Big Easy should be your next destination. Liiiiike you’ve got to be into one of those.

central grocery muffuletta sandwich
Man, oh man. I love the muffuletta sandwich. When Sam was at college in New Orleans I would demand that she bring me back this sandwich because luckily they travel super well. It was my time to shine and I brought her one home this time. A muffuletta is a big-ass sandwich with lots of cold cut pork meats, cheese, and bomb olive salad. Yum.
But the best part about New Orleans is that no one really gives a shit about what you’re up to. Many moons ago this beautiful city showed me that not everyone is judging me for my weight or the way I dress. Could be because everyone I was surrounded by was constantly drunk, but either way this place is so laidback. You can be you and people will celebrate it. So get on to celebrating your jazzy-ass self while you sip some Abita and pop the head off a crawfish.

Also, if you were wondering I didn’t show my boobs on Bourbon St, but I got a guy to show us his on Frenchmen Street. Ballin.

frenchmen street new orleans
Yooooooo Frenchmen Street is lit if you like music. Yes, Bourbon Street and the French Quarter are coolio, but if you’re looking to do something a little more lowkey with a higher number of locals then check out Frenchmen. Every bar has live music it’s really great. We were getting hella funky all night. This was after the dude showed us his boobs btw.
erin rose bar new orleans
Speaking of the quarter, here’s Biermann and me chilling at Erin Rose, a pretty chill bar in the quarter. They have these frozen coffee drinks that will get you turnt enough to sit in the window. All the way turned up.
pat o'briend hurrican to go
While you’re in the Quarter make sure to stop by Pat O’briens for a classic Hurricane… while you’re at it take it go. I once had 7 of these… I don’t recommend that because you’ll end up lost and confused in New Orleans while crying on the phone to your mom. But 1-3 of them and you should be golden.
crawfish nachos from lucy's
DAMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN CRAWFISH NACHOS. This was my first time having crawfish and it was dope considering it was fried and on top of nachos from Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant. 
shrimp po boy lucy's new orleans
Besides having awesome food, like this shrimp po boy, Lucy’s also turns into a bumping bar at night.
new orleans pool
Thing get hot and nasty in New Orleans because of the humidity so be sure to make friends with someone who has access to a pool like the beautiful Taylor Gay.
gabi fresh jelly gish bikini
So much poolside sass
new orleans
Views from da pool. Pretty much everywhere in NOLA has a view
joan of arc new orleans
The baddest bitch… Joan of Arc. NOLA has a lot of great statues and memorials to look at.
piazza d'italia
Piazza D’Italia, I will figure out how to get past your gates one day because I’m so intrigued by you.
new orleans street performers
The odd couple New Orleans style
crawfish beignet new orleans
Hubba. Hubba. This is a crawfish beignet from Katie’s, which was stuffed with crawfish tails, jalpenos, and cheese. Oh, and topped in some magical cajun sauce. Please go to Katie’s it was beyond delicious and they have bottomless!
Chillin across the street from Katie's because there was a long-ass wait.
Chillin across the street from Katie’s because there was a long-ass wait.
warehouse grille fried green tomatoes
If bottomless brunch piques your interest, which I know it does, then head to Warehouse Grille for mimosas and some fried green tomatoes. Yum.
bottomless mimosas new orleans
The Warehouse Grille mimosa service was so on point that I thought this was a great photoshoot location. Note the mimosa to go in my hand.
new orleans bridge
The Crescent City Connection is always fun to drive through and provides some coolio views of the city.
Kisses from my favorite girl, Gracie.
cool building new orleans
Seriously so many cool homes and buildings to peep in New Prleans
Thank you, Biermann! You were such a great host and I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend. Isn't she adorable????
Thank you, Biermann! You were such a great host and I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend. Isn’t she adorable????
eggs sardou
In case you forgot already.. New Orleans has amazing food. Eggs sardou and andouille grits. Damn. So. Good.
Do yourself a favor and get down to New Orleans! If you can’t handle the heat then avoid it in the summer though, but that leaves the rest of the year to party and eat like it’s 1999.


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