Custom Plus Size Camo Dress Because Destiny’s Child’s Survivor Turned 15

This month the album “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child turned 15. Can you believe it? Destiny’s Child showed us to be Bootylicious while¬†surviving despite¬†negative people trying to bring us down. When the music video for “Survivor” dropped I can remember countless hours spent standing in front of the tv trying to learn their choreographed moves; everyone wanted to be them and dance like them. They gave us the 21st century version of “I Will Survive.” I

Prince Inspired Fashion: He’s not human, he’s a dove

It’s been two weeks since Prince Rogers Nelson left this world for the afterworld– a world of never ending happiness. Prince inspired so many of us and served as the soundtrack to our lives. “Controversy” helped form the way I think about race, gender, and religion while “Sexy M.F.” taught me how to shake my booty. When I miss my sister I can listen to “When Doves Cry”, which has been our song since our