The New MAC Matte Liquid Lipstick Line. R3tr0!

MAC lipsticks are most people’s gateway into the lipstick world. MAC has almost every shade you could want in a bunch of different finishes. Purples, pinks, reds, and even blue now. Their most standout and well-known shades, in my opinion, are their matte lipsticks, but I am extremely biased since I only like matte lipsticks. Due to my recent-ish love of matte liquid lipsticks, I fell off the MAC lipstick lifestyle because they didn’t have a

Timbs & Sweaters

We all have that one thing we don’t like wearing… and for me that’s sweaters. I feel like I look like a gross, frumpy, chunky box when I wear sweaters. Is that true? Probably not, but our minds play freaky games with us when it comes to our body perception. One day I was listening to J.Cole and a line really resonated with me. “Only text and get stressed over Rihannas I’m talkin’ tens and better,

Goth Tropic… How To Extend Your Summer Wardrobe Into Winter

Back in the day before I had too many clothes to fit in my closet, I lived off of a few staple items ALL DAMN YEAR LONG. Who needs seasons anyway? My closet was sparse yet fun (if you were ever my roommate you know the clothes I did own lived on the floor bursting out of my closet and into your space so that’s sort of !FuN!). The sparseness of my closet up until