Crop Tops For Everyone

A sequin crop top changed my life at the end of 2013. Maybe a bit dramatic, but you’ll see. Between working with the supreme queen Isabel Foxen Duke, seeing Virgie Tovar wear crop tops, and the encouragement of my best friend/crop enthusiast Deirdre, I began to heavily consider wearing a crop top. I was always like, “nahhhhhh, I can’t pull it off though. Hmm, maybe if I lose 20 pounds… but I love Cheetos. Mmm Cheetos.” After

As If… Thrifting For That 90s Look

That’s right, homies, I’m doing a fashion and style blog because I spend way too much money on clothes not to show them off. Nah, I’m just playing (sort of). I aways hear people say things like “I could never pull off a top like that” or “skirts make my legs look really weird.” Wow, there’s an abundance of skirt styles and none of them look good? Lowkey… that’s crazy and if my chunky waist can