Love me, love me, say that you love me… and I do because it’s all about self-love.

Self-Love Can Be The Best Love Happy love week! Well, every week is really love week if you’re showing yourself and those around you support and kindness. It should come to no surprise to you that I love self-love. Why? Because that ish saved me from looking for something that was never there. For so long I was looking for attention and love from other people to validate my self-worth; to show me that I

2 Fat 2 Furious in 2018

“You still fight like shit, bro” – Paul Walker as Brian O’connor Damn, y’all. I have truly been sleeping on this blog and I should not be because this shit (aka my domain) is not free. Oh, and also because writing is good for my soul and hopefully reading my beautiful garbage is good for yours. My sleep was well deserved. In the past 12 months, I moved across, the country, started a new position

Taco Bell X Forever21

I still go to Taco Bell drive through, raw as Hell – Fergie Me too, Fergie. Me too. Taco Bell will always be there. Old friends may have gone their own way, but somehow me and Taco Bell stay together through thick and thin. My humble order of a bean burrito and nachos keeps me coming back month after month… and depending on the month, it could be week after week. I even had a

Finding The Right Fit With Torrid Jeans

I’ve got money in these jeans, so they fit kind of snug. In my whole entire adult (and teen) life I never thought that my belly button would make an appearance. Plagued by memories of ill fitting lowrise jeans that caused severe muffin tops as a 13 year old, I figured there were no lowrise jeans for big girls. Those jeans were not made for bellies. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a

Fall Looks A La Forever21 Plus

Oh oh oh it’s retro It’s basically fall, binches. While you’re all thinking about pumpkin spice I’m thinking about all the retro clothing that’s popping up. Also, I was on the pumpkin trend before you were because I have been getting down with the Starbucks pumpkin spice scone before you even know pumpkin spice was a thing. So besides everyone starting to break out their uggs (jk, but I am waiting for these to make

Closing out summer Flavortown style in my Guy Fieri swimsuit

A wise prophet once said, “I can’t play the guitar, but I can play the griddle.” I actually can’t do either that well, but I do wear Guy Fieri’s face really well. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over! Mainly because it always feels like summer in LA. There’s no hustle and bustle during the summer months like the midwest so I had time to do really important worldly things like this Guy

Back To School Plus Size Clothes

Back to school clothes shopping as a plus-size teen back in the day…. yikes Forever21 Plus asked me to create a back to school look and holy shit was I triggered thinking about how hard back to school shopping used to be for me as a kid and teenager. I can’t sugar coat this shit because sugar coated shit is still just shit: back to school shopping was the W O R S T as

Rocking Any Size In Swimsuits For All’s Origami Swimsuit

Be Fluid No matter your size I hope you live to your fullest and freshest. Channel your inner Rihanna who is a fashion killa at a size 0 and a size 4/6. Sometimes our bodies change (have y’all heard of hormones, stress, environment?). One week we’re smaller and a few weeks later we’re bigger. Don’t spend your week agonizing over 5 pounds or 25 pounds you’ve recently lost or gained. Body positivity is about accepting

Chunk Travels: Weird California Road Trip

California is a big-ass state Cali has so much to see and do. You could never leave LA country and never run out of new things to explore. Butttttt that ain’t my style and I was going crazy wanting to see some more of the state. I set off with my bestie boys, George & Bystry, to explore the east side of the state up to Bodie on a Wednesday-Saturday. Burbank Uhhhh, due to LA

Be Your Own Damn Disco Ball In Isolated Heroes Plus Size Line

Do you like the nightlife? Do you like to boogie? If you answered yes to any of these questions then chances are you also are a fan of disco balls and shiny things. Me, too. By transitive property that means you’ll love UK clothing brand Isolated Heroes. There was a time in the not so distance past where plus-size women were relegated to loose fitting bland clothes, empire waist dresses, and a-line skirts. Okay, that’s