Turn A Bad Body Day Into A Yo Gotti Day With A Swimsuit

Beyoncé has bad days. Yes, you read right… even Beyoncé.

My confidence and self-esteem have both grown by leaps and bounds, but there are still days where I feel eh or blah. That’s okay though because everyone has days where they feel like this. Even people like Queen B have days where they don’t feel 100% about their bodies or confidence because they’re bloated or tried on something that wasn’t flattering.

It happens to everyone.

Just because I’ve learned to like my body and be chill with it doesn’t mean there aren’t moments where I feel badly about myself. Since I’m having to reverse nearly two decades of negative thinking there’s still a lot to work on. The difference is now I actively work to keep the bad days at bay.

The key is not to beat yourself up further when you aren’t feeling 100% about yourself. Whether you binge eat or look in the mirror and feel crappy just remember it happens, dude. Instead of spending hours or days sulking about it, I choose to feel better about myself by doing things just for me. This usually consists of putting on my wildest clothing, listening to some Drake or Courtney Barnett (that would be an interesting collab, right?), dancing around, and of course a lot of positive talk.

One of my favorite ways to feel better about myself is to throw on a bathingsuit and hit the beach. If I can’t make my beach dreams come true, because Chicago weather, then I make a beach day at home. Prancing around in your bikini while it’s blizzarding outside makes you take life a little less seriously.

If the beach isn’t for you then here are some other tips to turn a bad body day into a Yo Gotti day:
  • Remember that your body is THE SHIT. If you can’t think of any reasons why then make a list of all the cool stuff you’ve done in your body
  • Realize whatever you’re thinking is pretty damn irrational
  • Take a bubble bath, do your hair, or really any type of grooming that you love
  • Put on something that makes you feel like a sexy bitch
  • Throw your favorite lipstick on (or maybe put a ~wild~ shade is)
  • Blast your favorite jams. I suggest some Rihanna, Trina, Beyonce, Prince, Missy Elliott, Shamir, Drake, Courtney Barnett, Lauryn Hill
  • Look in the mirror and try to see yourself the way others who love you do
  • Look in that same mirror and tell yourself that you’re the baddest (this should be the natural progression if your chose to listen to Trina)
  • Do anything to remember how awesome and able your body is. Shake that booty, go on a walk, pump some iron, or hit the beach
  • Create some art
  • Read some stuff by Virgie Tovar, Isabel Foxen Duke, Ashley Graham, Gabi Fresh, Courtney Mina, Eff Your Beauty Standards, etc.
  • Take another look in that mirror and you’ll start to see the awesome being you are
  • Go out with your homies to explore and indulge (in your fave foods)
  • Remember anything you are feeling or were feeling is irrational
  • Record a rapchat… or maybe that’s just me. Add me on rapchat for the sickest freestyles in the 312
  • Keeping telling yourself, “you’re enough.”
  • You
  • Are
  • Enough
  • Already
  • Just trust me on being enough because if you know me then you know I’m always right 😉 … but seriously I am!

P.s. these tips work for regular bad days, not just bad body days.

Since I moonlight as a beach bum, I was very amped to find this custom Sirene Libre NYC lace-up bodysuit/swimsuit. This bodysuit easily transitions from the beach to wherever, which is perfect for days that start off blah and end up blAHMAZING. This suit hugs all my curves perfectly, even my belly, and reminds me that my body is enough the way it is. I can wear it to the beach or pair with my favorite jeans or skirt then I’m ready go. That’s stylish versatility for you.

Even on a bad day, just remember life’s a beach if you let it be.

What I’m wearing:

Custom bodysuit Sirene Libre NYC

Black beach kimono (on sale!) Asos Curve

Black jeggings Asos Curve

Sequin bag Skinny Dip London (similar)

Black bucket hat Stussy

plus size purple swimsuit
Beach bum

plus size purple one piece
Leggin’ it

lavender plus size swimsuit
Embrace your rolls, don’t hate on them.

NYX liquid suede lavender
Obviously had to match my lavender suit with NYX’s Liquid Suede in Lavender

plus size swimsuit
Oh yeah, remember to laugh on bad body days!

lavender one piece swimsuit
Even laughing isn’t working then go for some sass. Always works for me.

plus size black kimono
Kimonos are part of my go-to feel better ensemble because they’re elegant and can make you feel fancy AF. Some kimonos you can even tie into a crop top when you’re really trying to bring the heat.

asos curve black jeggings
Nothing like a good pair of jeggings that are super comfortable. These Asos Cruve jeggings are the bomb, but I would order down from your normal size to get an optimal fit.

mermaid sequin bag
When you’re over your bad body BS just go for it and channel your inner mermaid.

How do you deal with bad days?




Plus Size Festival Fashion Tips From Pitchfork 2016.. plus my cute friends

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

Also, “One thing ’bout music, when it hits you feel no pain and I swear I got this shit that makes these bitches go insane.” – Drake

Music has the ability to take us to another world and transcend time. Music also has the ability to bring people together. Music is the shit. We are so lucky to live in a time with access to so many type of artists on a daily basis. One of my favorite places to discover new music is through Pitchfork, both the site and the festival. P4k is pretty much the chillest music festivals around. No matter who is playing I end up going to check out new artists and get to wild out at some of my favorites.

Between the artists and attendees you are bound to see wacky and wild outfits at Pitchfork. Many musicians have inspire my style like Prince, Drake, Missy Elliott, Spice Girls, Cher and more– that’s why music festivals are the perfect time to experiment with your style and wear that thing you’ve been too nervous to wear. Let’s face it… people are wearing pasties with furry vests at music festivals so you ain’t got shit to worry about! Heck, if you want to wear pasties to a festival then maybe now is your time.

Some highlights for performances and fashion at Pitchfork included Shamir, Blood Orange, Savages (the lead singer rocked stilettos and got on the barricade), jazzy dashiki-wearing Kamasi Washington, sexy man Miguel, FKA Twigs, and of course crazy man Sufjan Stevens. I’m pretty biased, but Shamir had the funnest set of Pitchfork and he came out just wearing a muscle tank and jeans. He still looked fabulous, cool, AND confident! If you’re not listening to Shamir then you’re not doing life right. Miguel obviously had the sexiest set.

If you have trouble picking out outfits for festivals do the following:

  • The day before or day of pick out all the clothes you could make outfits out of. Pull as many skirts, tops, dresses, bottoms, etc. that you think are dope yet comfortable
  • The day of check the weather and based on that do some eliminations
  • Think about what type of experience you’re going for and who you are going to see. I’m always trying to be as close as possible at festivals and I’m a hip hop honey. Those two factors help me narrow down my choices.
  • Decide what looks most bad-ass
  • Check the weather again
  • Tell yourself you’re the baddest
  • Maybe check the weather again

Beyond looking cool at festivals, make sure you’re dressed comfortably and practically. Nothing is worse than dummy blisters and chafing thighs. If you’ve got big ole thick thighs like me then for sure invest in some anti-chafing products so you can glide on through life without pain. I recommend BodyGlide and this powder gel that doubles as a face primer. No plus size festival fashion is complete without a little anti-chafe.

What I’m Wearing

Plus-size twist knot skirt Forever 21+

Plus-size black crop top Forever 21+ (similar)

Mon Cheri Harness Harnessbralove

Mesh bomber jacket Asos Curve

Cold shoulder bodysuit Asos Curve

High waisted denim jeggings Asos Curve

Ribbed cami bodysuit Asos Tall

Velvet skirt American Apparel (similar)

Gold chain chocker necklaces Asos Curve

plus size festival fashion
First day chillin at P4K in my harnessbralove Mon Cheri harness
vintage black leather backpack
Coming at you with my another one of my Mom’s bags from 80s.
plus size cold shoulder bodysuit
In love with this bodysuit and outfit. Oh yeah, and my matt liquid lipstick form Anastasia Beverly Hills.
plus size high waisted jeggings
From the back, from the back. These are my favorite jeans/jeggings because look at the booty. Yes, I’m wearing a Kate Spade backpack from 2001.
floral festival romper
There’s Callie looking adorable in her floral romper.
sufjan stevens at pitchfork
Best Outfit At Pitchfork Award goes to Sufjan Stevens.
festival outfit ideas
My big sexy crew for the third day of Pitchfork (minus Taylor). Look at all that diverse fashion!
glaxy festival dress
Taylor is out of this world! Or maybe she’s out of this galaxy, but damn she looks cool!
festival nails
It’s all about the details
plus size festival outfits
Fun fact: last year I wanted to wear this skirt, but felt way too self-conscious about how visible my pouch was in it. This year I said, “yolo.” Special shoutout to the person crouched down eating to my left. Keeping hydrated and fueled up at festivals is important.
american apparel cotton romper.
The youngblood Annie and I chilling. Annie is the most fashionable teenager I know. She’s also one of three teenagers I know, but she is v fashionable. Must run in our family. Look at our scrunchies!
kamasi washington pitchfork
If you’re going for ultimate comfort at a festival then be like Kamasi and wear a dashiki. He’s always wearing dashikis though. Stay true, stay comfortable.

What are some of your favorite festival outfits?


Dashiki dreaming, 


Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Liquid Lipstick Is The Bomb

“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like it’s better than yours. Damn right. It’s better than yours. I could teach, but I’d have to charge.” -Kelis

Guys, you know how much I love a good matte liquid lipstick. Actually you know that I ONLY love matte liquid lipsticks! Oh, and if you ever seen me you know that my brows are always on point and that’s because of the best esthetician in Chicago, but also because of Anastasia Beverly Hill’s eyebrow gel.

When I found myself at a Sephora with Anastasia’s lip products I knew I had to go for it. I mean, if Anastasia can help my eyebrows look good all the time then I knew she could work magic for my lips. Anastasia is the Houdini of makeup  (just as I suspected) because I was not disappointed by the matte liquid lipstick formula. The formula is vibrant, lightweight, and long-lasting (as long as you aren’t slurping down ramen or smearing pizza all over your face).

Since I own 40+ lipstick that mostly seems to be purple and pink, I decided to go with some colors outside of the norm for me. I scooped up a red-orange, or paparika-red according to Anastasia, called “Spicy” and a nude “milk with a hint of peach” called Milkshake. With this formula you only need to only apply two layers to get a super long-lasting and rich color, but make sure to be quick because the formula dries pretty quickly. The brush that comes with is pretty standard for any liquid matte lipstick and easy to use to create refined lines.

A lot of people complain about liquid lipsticks being too dry.  To avoid this try to make sure your lips are baby smooth by exfoliating them and then apply lip balm or primer. Doing helps avoid clumping or feathering of the matte liquid lipstick. It also helps when you’re taking off the lipstick later since the formula doesn’t go directly on the lips. Speaking of later, this formula seriously lasts 4-6 hours for me even through eating and chugging beers… and of course a lot of talking.

I 150% recommend the  Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. Just remember to exfoliate, moisturize, and layer before it dries!

Tired of seeing what I look like in liquid lipstick? Me too, so I enlisted help from my good friends when we went to Tour De Fat in Chicago. Shout out to my homies for putting up with me. Check out the lip magic below with some of my favorite peeps and me. 


What I’m Wearing:

Spicy Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Milkshake Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick (well technically Ana is wearing it)



liquid lipstick anastasia beverly hills
Look who it is! It’s Heléna aka the most fabulous girl in the world. Here she is blowing us kisses in Spicy and looking perfect.

spicy liquid lipstick
Just looking so fabulous in Spicy!
Shout out to my girl Ana who is a free spirit and down for whatever. I knew I could rely on her to try this crazy lipstick color and model for me.

matte liquid lipstick anastasia beverly hills
There’s my little Ana! Her milkshake (liquid lipstick) brings all the boys to the yard. She is rocking this nude color like a pro. We dusted some highlighter on it from Becca to add a little extra something special to it.

anastasia beverly hill liquid lipstick
Oooooooo looking chic. If you can layer this color quickly before the first layer dries then it makes for a stronger looker.

tour de fat chicago
Leaning with my boo at Tour De Fat in Chicago.

spicy liquid lipstick
Here’s moi in Spicy. Seriously L O V E this color. It’s so vibrant and long-lasting.Oh, yeah brows looking on point to from Anastasia’s brow gel.

purple and blue hair
Wasn’t trying to look chic. I was actually just finger combing my hair.

anastasia beverly hills lip swatches
Ana is in a Spicy sandwich! These Anastasia liquid lipsticks come in a bunch of different colors that look awesome on different skin tones.

anastasia beverly hills liquid lipsticks
Mwah! Well, actually I’m just sort of smiling.

What’s your current lipstick obsession? Hit me up and let me know!


Smooches forever, 



Witch Worldwide Review: The witches are doing it for themselves

The sisters witches are doin it for themselves

Man, what a time to be alive. SCOTUS just ruled in favor of women’s health rights and made reckless domestic violence a misdemeanor while the presumptive Democratic nominee is a woman. WHOA! Crazy to think how much things have changed considering that women weren’t even allowed to wear pants on the Senate floor until 1993. Freaky shit, huh? 

We’re tapping on the glass ceiling and it’s ready to crack. Almost time to start throwing those Benjamins, America!

Aside from the political and economic goodness going on, us women are also helping each other feel better about our bodies. With 42% of 1st to 3rd graders girls wanting to be thinner we’re lucky that there is a finally a growing community of body positivity females because 7 year olds shouldn’t be worried about their weight.

A huge reason this blog exists is because I was part of the 42% that then became part of the 53% of teenage girls on a diet, then 58% of college girls who feel pressure to be a certain weight, and definitely was part of the 91% of women who diet because they’re unhappy with their bodies. Through a lot of hard work and finding like-minded women, I’m not longer part of the 91% and it’s been the shit.

Before, I was uncomfortable in my own skin pretty much all the time– sort of like the guy in the Tamiflu commercial who is too big for his house before takes the Tamiflu. Instead of some wacky medicine though a bunch of women helped me feel the right size for my home. I’m hella weird, I know, but hey that’s how it feels to me.

On my journey to not hate myself I encountered so many inspiring women who empowered me to find the real me. So many great books, YouTube videos, podcasts, articles, Instagram posts, and blog posts taught me I was enough the way I was, I was more than enough. My hope is to do the same and help people to realize their inner dopeness. Girl power, yo! Praise the Spice Girls for instilling the idea of girl power in me at a young age.

The more you like yourself the easier it is to support other women. Another cool thing about this blog is that I constantly get to support ballin out bad-ass women with all my monies and my tax returns. With part of this most recent tax return I decided to support 4 witchy, body positive, bad bitches: Witch Worldwide. I first discovered WW on Tunnel Vision, which is an awesome site with vintage and unique pieces for all sizes. Oh, and it’s run by four women as well! All of these women are rad AF obviously.

Witch Worldwide’s clothes are all my favorite color… black! I don’t adjust to summer colors so well so black on black is the way I go. Cruel summer, ya know. Plus, they have a ton of sassy witchy sayings on everyting. Fashion like this reminds that you don’t have to apologize for your size or what you want to wear. To make this brand even better, they have stellar customer service. They are the shit so no matter what your size is they’ve got something witchy for you.

What I’m wearing:

Girl Power halter tank Witch Worldwide or Tunnel Vision

Velvet skater skirt Forever 21+

Motorcycle boots Sam Edelman

Feminist choker necklace Witch Worldwide

Coven (see what I did there) Kat Von D studded lipstick

witch worldwide girl power halter
~girl power~
plus size feminism
One of the cool things about Witch Worldwide clothing is that it comes in all sizes and is stretchy to make sure it can accommodate different body types.
witch world wide plus size
TBH guys, just wanted to show off how good my new highlighter from Becca looks in this photo
feminist choker necklace
F E M I N I S T. You know I am. Well, really I’m about human rights, but for me part of that is feminism. It’s not a dirty word… it’s a bad ass word. It feels good to be able to wear it loud and proud with this choker.
plus size black outfit
Speaking of feminism, this photoshoot was the first time in my WHOLE LIFE that I went a long period of time braless in public. Don’t worry I’m not going to go any bra burnings now. I’ve had jugs since I was 9 though and have always carried some shame around them, especially when it came to being braless. This halter top is meant to support and free the girls so I went with it. #liberation
plus size halter crop top
Lakeside chillin and mean muggin
plus size velvet skater skirt
Another thing Witch Worldwide helped me liberate was my back fat! Dem little rolls in the back are finally free to be themselves.
witch worldwide crop top
Just remember you don’t have to be what society tells you to be just because of your gender, size, race, religion, etc. Learn to empower yourself so you can empower others to be just as dope.


Thanks to my homie girl, Callie, for taking these photos and always helping me to realize my worth. Yo, and always strive to be like Notorious RGB.


Sister out,




One One Three Clothing And How To Love Your Chunk

What’s a little skin?

Sometimes a piece of skin can destroy your confidence.

For most of my life, I completely loathed my pooch or pouch or whatever you want to call it. Looking down at the pooch or seeing it in the mirror brought me anxiety, which would bring me to tears. Touching it would bring self-loathing so I hid it with Spanx while simultaneously making fun of it so no one could say anything about it before I could. Let’s not forget the hours spent at the gym try to plank away the pooch. Self-conscious didn’t begin to cover it.

My Spanx became a place of comfort and discomfort because I only felt comfortable going out in them, but at the same time there were times the Spanx would hit wrong and boom I couldn’t breathe. We’re talking mid-thigh to bra length Spanx. Hell, I wore those damn things to frat parties… that’s ridiculous. As long as the pooch was there then I couldn’t be attractive or happy with myself. It was plain and simple, I was a disgusting insecure defect. Not worthy of anything because a little jiggle between my hip bones. That’s how I felt.

I avoided anything bodycon unless it was black. Luckily, black is my favorite color though.

When I was working with Isabel Foxen Duke and watching Virgie Tovar, they both prompted me to start talking to my body and my fat. My relationship with my pooch was irrational Isabel said. Maybe she had a point. IFD told me to talk to my lil poochie and touch it; I laughed. But I’m a good student (sometimes) so I went for it because I was tired of hating a piece of flab.

I would stand in front of the mirror naked, which was something I avoided pretty much all of my life (…I was borderline Tobias Funke never nude status), and looked down at the pooch. The pooch just stared back.

“Okay, I know I hate you, but I’m really trying here. Ugh, never mind you’re ugly. Ew, what was I thinking?? You’re getting the Spanx tomorrow!”

After a few months of persistence we finally had a break through. 

“Ayyyyyyyyy Poocharama, wud up??? So I uh want to apologize for being such a dick to you for these past 15 years. I realize you are part of my body and aren’t going anywhere. You’ve been through everything with me. Hopefully we can move on from this. Oh, and I vow no more Spanx.”

My pooch jiggled at me and gave me a wink. Well, actually I think it was just a dimple in the pooch, but whatever! I normalized some skin I felt irrational about for years. My pouch and I aren’t perfect though because there are moments when I still get bummed and feel pretty bad about myself, but I don’t let it dictate my worth. Though, I’ve been Spanx free for nearly 3 years. Pretty dope. 

In these 3 years, I still found myself avoiding non-black bodycon clothing options though until I stumbled upon One One Three. While yes I was drawn in by a photo of Drake on their ‘about us‘ page, I was drawn in by the unique bad ass styles I was seeing. One One Three – because 1+1 shouldn’t equal 2 when you’ve got a little extra – has edgy and flirty styles made with comfortable materials. Hypnotized by pink velvet, I knew I had to have their baby pink bodycon dress. That’s right, not a black bodycon dress. Thank you One One Three, for helping me step out of my comfort zone.

It’s easier to stick to our habitual feelings about our bodies, but it feels better to live your life (Spanx free). Even though I was tempted to dig out the ole’ spanx to look extra flawless I instead said, “fuck it, at the end of the day it’s just some skin and some chunk” and my pooch and I were on our way. Happily ever after.

What I’m wearing:

Pink velvet bodycon dress One One Three

Unicorn Tears lipstick Too Faced

Jean Jacket… it was my Grandma’s so maybe you know a grandma you can ask for one

Superstar sneakers Adidas


plus size pink velvet dress
Oooo looking fly.
plus size velvet bodycon dress
Sell hello to my little friend… my pooch!
plus size pink velvet
Busy being a fashion killa in One One Three. This brand is seriously amazing and I love that they only have a small collection. It’s made even better by the fact that it was created a plus-size chick.
adidas superstar sneakers
I live in these shoes because who doesn’t love being comfy and cool?
plus size bodycon velvet dress
Bringing the dopeness
unicorn tears too faced
Cheesing big because I’m sporting not only a bomb-ass dress, but also a fun lipstick called “Unicorn Tears”
plus size turtleneck bodycon dress
Panda panda panda panda
plus size velvet outfits
Velvet is great because it’s soft to the touch and breathable so perfect for any season!
one one three review
Feeling fresh
plus size fashion
Blowing kisses to anyone who is hating a random piece of skin on their body. Learn to like yourself and take over the world.


Velvet vixen out,


Chunk Travels: New Orleans Local Guide

Alright guys, let me warn you that you won’t be seeing a Café du Monde beignet in this post, but instead you’ll see a beignet infinitely more delicious. Truth is, this isn’t my first rendezvous with New Orleans – it’s more like my 9th or 10th-  because my sister went to college down in the Big Easy. Now, my very own best friend, Biermann, lives down there teaching at a magnet school because she’s an angel. On top of that, my sister’s very own best friend, the wonderful Sarena, lives there too. What a magical place. 

I opted for more of a local experience since I’ve done a lot of the big touristy things in down in the Chocolate City. Well, really this is just my approach to most traveling… not sure if it’s because I’m lazy or just really laidback. Usually if there’s something super touristy I wanted to do – like buying a muffuletta from Central Grocery to eat and one to bring home to my sister then wandering around the quarter alone – I just wake up early and git 2 it myself.

Wandering alone in a city other than your own is usually a very exhilarating experience. I dig it and recommend it.

If you haven’t been to NOLA please get on it. There is no other city in the United States quite like New Orleans. It’s a vibrant city with a unique culture that buzzes with music and pops of culture while never letting down your taste buds, but your liver probably doesn’t feel the same way. New Orleans gives you such warm feeling whenever you’re there that is so comforting. Then again, that could just be the stick icky humid weather.  If you’re into music, food, GHOSTS, open container laws errr I mean drinking, architecture, or history then the Big Easy should be your next destination. Liiiiike you’ve got to be into one of those.

central grocery muffuletta sandwich
Man, oh man. I love the muffuletta sandwich. When Sam was at college in New Orleans I would demand that she bring me back this sandwich because luckily they travel super well. It was my time to shine and I brought her one home this time. A muffuletta is a big-ass sandwich with lots of cold cut pork meats, cheese, and bomb olive salad. Yum.
But the best part about New Orleans is that no one really gives a shit about what you’re up to. Many moons ago this beautiful city showed me that not everyone is judging me for my weight or the way I dress. Could be because everyone I was surrounded by was constantly drunk, but either way this place is so laidback. You can be you and people will celebrate it. So get on to celebrating your jazzy-ass self while you sip some Abita and pop the head off a crawfish.

Also, if you were wondering I didn’t show my boobs on Bourbon St, but I got a guy to show us his on Frenchmen Street. Ballin.

frenchmen street new orleans
Yooooooo Frenchmen Street is lit if you like music. Yes, Bourbon Street and the French Quarter are coolio, but if you’re looking to do something a little more lowkey with a higher number of locals then check out Frenchmen. Every bar has live music it’s really great. We were getting hella funky all night. This was after the dude showed us his boobs btw.
erin rose bar new orleans
Speaking of the quarter, here’s Biermann and me chilling at Erin Rose, a pretty chill bar in the quarter. They have these frozen coffee drinks that will get you turnt enough to sit in the window. All the way turned up.
pat o'briend hurrican to go
While you’re in the Quarter make sure to stop by Pat O’briens for a classic Hurricane… while you’re at it take it go. I once had 7 of these… I don’t recommend that because you’ll end up lost and confused in New Orleans while crying on the phone to your mom. But 1-3 of them and you should be golden.
crawfish nachos from lucy's
DAMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN CRAWFISH NACHOS. This was my first time having crawfish and it was dope considering it was fried and on top of nachos from Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant. 
shrimp po boy lucy's new orleans
Besides having awesome food, like this shrimp po boy, Lucy’s also turns into a bumping bar at night.
new orleans pool
Thing get hot and nasty in New Orleans because of the humidity so be sure to make friends with someone who has access to a pool like the beautiful Taylor Gay.
gabi fresh jelly gish bikini
So much poolside sass
new orleans
Views from da pool. Pretty much everywhere in NOLA has a view
joan of arc new orleans
The baddest bitch… Joan of Arc. NOLA has a lot of great statues and memorials to look at.
piazza d'italia
Piazza D’Italia, I will figure out how to get past your gates one day because I’m so intrigued by you.
new orleans street performers
The odd couple New Orleans style
crawfish beignet new orleans
Hubba. Hubba. This is a crawfish beignet from Katie’s, which was stuffed with crawfish tails, jalpenos, and cheese. Oh, and topped in some magical cajun sauce. Please go to Katie’s it was beyond delicious and they have bottomless!
Chillin across the street from Katie's because there was a long-ass wait.
Chillin across the street from Katie’s because there was a long-ass wait.
warehouse grille fried green tomatoes
If bottomless brunch piques your interest, which I know it does, then head to Warehouse Grille for mimosas and some fried green tomatoes. Yum.
bottomless mimosas new orleans
The Warehouse Grille mimosa service was so on point that I thought this was a great photoshoot location. Note the mimosa to go in my hand.
new orleans bridge
The Crescent City Connection is always fun to drive through and provides some coolio views of the city.
Kisses from my favorite girl, Gracie.
cool building new orleans
Seriously so many cool homes and buildings to peep in New Prleans
Thank you, Biermann! You were such a great host and I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend. Isn't she adorable????
Thank you, Biermann! You were such a great host and I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend. Isn’t she adorable????
eggs sardou
In case you forgot already.. New Orleans has amazing food. Eggs sardou and andouille grits. Damn. So. Good.
Do yourself a favor and get down to New Orleans! If you can’t handle the heat then avoid it in the summer though, but that leaves the rest of the year to party and eat like it’s 1999.


Who dat,


Last minute plus-size shopping because I turned my birthday into a lifestyle

Girl, let me r-r-r-rock your body.

Growing up chubby always meant stressful shopping situations. My options were always limited to department stores or trying to squeeze into a 14 until the rise of plus-size fashion in the past few years. Even with more choices than ever it’s still not abundant.

New Year’s Resolutions are BS to me because the calendar year doesn’t define how long I’ve been on this planet. These past few years I’ve decided to set the tone for the rest of year on my birthday. Last year, my 24th birthday was about trying new things so I tried scallops for the first time. Needless to say I’ve had many scallops since.  I decided to make my 25th birthday about doing things that scare me and being bold, which lead me to getting my first tattoo. I HATE needles and have an awfully low pain tolerance. Be careful kids… scallops could be your gateway to getting tattoos.

To go with my theme of bold I ordered a custom vinyl two-piece set for the Big Birthday Blowout– a bad ass party for my Aries sisters, Steph and Taylor, and myself. I spent the weeks leading up to the BBB super excited to party with my friends because all I do is hang with the young and heartless, but more importantly look awesome in this custom outfit. I told everyone about how great I was going to look. Unfortunately, timing is not my strong suit and the closer it got to the BBB the more I realized my custom digs weren’t going to be on time.

Panic set in pretty hard because I only had the day of the party to shop. This is every girl’s worst nightmare, but imagine being a curvy cutie with only limited plus-size sections to choose from at three stores. Shit. It is SO hard to shop in a time crunch when you’re bigger. Not going to lie here… I for sure cried for awhile to my mom about the shopping situation (okay and sent a lot of sad emojis to my friends). Guys, I know it’s just clothes, but I LOVE clothes. Also, pretty much anything makes me cry.

Luckily, I have the best mom in the world. After crying at her for an unreasonable amount of time, she reminded me that I 1. have an insane amount of clothes to work with 2. I’m funky biotch who can put anything together and pull it off. My fans (aka my friends) were expecting me to look amazing and I had to deliver. Thank goodness for Forever 21. It is seriously every fat girl’s best friend for last minute shopping.

A lot of us plus-size peeps easily panic when we shop because most of our lives have been filled with truly shitty shopping experiences. It’s so easy to repeat our habitual reactions and emotions when shopping because at times we feel traumatized. In the past, I probably would have let all this anxiety ruin my day and my party because it would have made me awful about my body for not being able to find something cute last minute.

Since I don’t let the size of my body being the number one determining factor of my self-worth and I’m working on being fearless fatty, it made my shopping experience pretty damn easy. Mami stayed cool, collected, and cropped… because I bought three different crop tops to go with some baller staple items I already owned. I pieced together what I felt and still feel to be a very dope outfit. The fans agreed. Although the outfit wasn’t what I had originally planned on wearing it still made me feel muy caliente and pop style.

Man, life is way too short not to live it up even when things don’t go your way. When your happiness is dictated by your body it’s easy to get tripped up in the smallest things. At least that’s how it was for me for so long. Feeling awful about yourself all the time opens you up to negativity and missing out on so many great moments because you’re too busy feeling bad about yourself.

Doing things that scare me means letting go of some of those lingering negative feelings/habits. Dopeness is within each and everyone of us, you just have to learn how to tap into it. Taking control of crappy situations instead of letting them control you is an incredible experience. Be brave, dude. This year I’ve taken a cue from Drake and decided to turn my birthday into a lifestyle. Every day, or at least a few days a week, can be pop style if you let it be. Instead of letting the tiny things bring you down you should tap into the dopeness within and unleash that everyday even if they don’t call you Chaining Tatum.

Peep the birthday digs below featuring champagne for Champagne Papi.

What I’m Wearing:

Grey ribbed crop top Forever 21 (some of their straight size items go up to XL!)

Plus-size leather skater skirt Chubby Cartwheels

Lace up thigh high boots Public Desire

Fur coat Asos Curve

Lychee matte liquid lipstick ColourPop

Periwinkle liquid eyeliner Stilla

Dope + Hot Sauce Ring Snash Jewelry

plus size birthday outfit
MVP, MVP, oh-nine all the way to sixteen
lychee matte liquid lipstick
Brb busy looking like a pop (style) star
plus size ribbed crop top
Cannot be me I’m a one-of-one
plus size leather skater skirt
They still out to get me cause they never got me
snash dope ring
Guys, Snash is seriously so dope 😉 Go get yourself a baller ring.
lace up over the knees boots black
These lace up boots… I can’t even sometimes.
matte lipstick lychee
Just call me Champagne Mami
plus size outfit ideas
Everybody looking out for themself, but they still got they eyes on me
plus size grey crop top
Throw a thick bitch on a Kawasaki



Champagne Mami out, 



Custom Plus Size Camo Dress Because Destiny’s Child’s Survivor Turned 15

This month the album “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child turned 15. Can you believe it?

Destiny’s Child showed us to be Bootylicious while surviving despite negative people trying to bring us down. When the music video for “Survivor” dropped I can remember countless hours spent standing in front of the tv trying to learn their choreographed moves; everyone wanted to be them and dance like them. They gave us the 21st century version of “I Will Survive.”

I was inspired by how cool and strong these women were on the screen. Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle showed us that when people expect us to be weak that we should come out stronger than before. Also, Kelly lectured us early in internet trash talk when she said, “You know I’m not gonna diss you on the internet ’cause my mama taught me better than that.” Thanks, Kelly. I don’t know where my internet morals would be without you.


More than these great life lessons, Destiny’s Child had a lasting impression on me when it comes to fashion. Really what I’m talking about here is camo. This pattern has been a strong one in my life and not a day goes by that I don’t miss my camo pants from Limited Too. Same goes for my camo top from Limited Too… and my other pair of camo pants. My eyes are trained to look for bomb-ass camo pieces, which is hard considering how well it blends in. When I came across Siréne Libre NYC’s Instagram (via Nadia Aboulhosn’s Instagram) and saw camo all up in that insta feed, I knew it was love.

Siréne Libre NYC is a designer who makes awesome custom plus size clothes (and also all size custom clothes) and damn does she make some baller pieces. You know I love plus size custom clothes because they always fit like a glove. I’m sure Destiny’s Child would have loved for her to make them stuff back in the day. Siréne Libre NYC makes a lot of unique pieces of vinyl, mesh, camo, and any other fun fabric you can think of. I had Sirene NYC make me a custom plus size camo dress so that I could feel and look as cool and confident as the three women of Destiny’s Child circa 2001. Good news guys, it worked. My dress is bad ass and fits perfectly.

Just remember, “I’m a survivor. (What?) I’m not gon’ give up (What?), I’m not gon’ stop (What?). I’m gon’ work harder (What?). I’m a survivor (What?). I’m gonna make it (What?). I will survive (What?). Keep on survivin’ (What?).” And make sure to rock some camo. K?

What I’m Wearing:

Long sleeve  plus size camo dress Siréne Libre NYC

Superstars Adidas

Rings Snash Jewelry

Orange Amoolia sunglasses Shopjeen

Saint Germain lipstick MAC

plus size camo dress
You thought that I’d be stressed without you, but I’m chillin’
plus size camo outfit
You thought I couldn’t see without you, perfect vision
plus size bodycon camo dress
Bring much success, no stress, and lots of happiness
plus size camo outfit
You thought I wouldn’t sell without you, sold 9 million
adidas superstars
(I love and live in my Superstars. They are the best.)
hidden maddie
I’m a survivor (What?)…. Can you guys even see me with all this shrubbery and my camo? I’m guessing no.
long sleeve plus size camo dress
Keep on survivin… Oh, there I am!
custom plus size dress and adidas
If I surround my self with positive things I’ll gain prosperity
bootylicious bodycon dress
I will survive being bootylicious


Thanks to Deirdre and Steph for being an awesome blog shoot team.



Even in my years to come I’m still gon’ be here,


Prince Inspired Fashion: He’s not human, he’s a dove

It’s been two weeks since Prince Rogers Nelson left this world for the afterworld– a world of never ending happiness.

Prince inspired so many of us and served as the soundtrack to our lives. “Controversy” helped form the way I think about race, gender, and religion while “Sexy M.F.” taught me how to shake my booty. When I miss my sister I can listen to “When Doves Cry”, which has been our song since our parents’ divorce. My texting style has heavily involved a curated collection of Prince GIFs. “Let’s Go Crazy” had me constantly thinking about mortality. He brought me closer to people who shared my same love for him. His love of purple and leopard print has left a lasting impression on me.

prince i wanna be your lover album art
Bored and sassy at the same time
prince fashion inspiration
I Wanna Be Your Lover vibes
I was and will always be enamored by Prince.

It was also only a little over a month ago that I got the Love Symbol 2 (aka Prince’s symbol) tattooed on me for my 25th birthday… something Prince probably wouldn’t care for. His music elicits so many memories and emotions. There’s no way you can listen to “Purple Rain” and not feel emotions coursing through your body. From growing up with Prince blaring on our stereo on Saturday mornings to drunkenly karaoking his songs at a 5 a.m. bar, I needed those memories right at my finger tips.

prince symbol finger tattoo
Nothing Compares 2 Prince
Equal to the memories, I wanted a constant reminder to be unapologetically me no matter what.

The Purple One set new standards by being himself. Prince played every instrument on almost all of his albums, could do the splits like no other, wore see-through lace pants and still stole your woman, recorded two songs a day, pushed the limits socially and musically (I mean come on people, there’s no bass in “When Doves Cry”, which was unheard of for 80s pop), had better hair and makeup than almost all women, sang with the voice of an angel, threw controversial subjects in our faces, played guitar solos that brought people to tears, and was never anything but Prince and The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Guys, he went by only a symbol for YEARS!

He was something that we’ll never understand; the coolest genius to ever grace us.

Prince was a small dude with THE funkiest soul on the planet. Because of him I’m a big girl with a funky soul. Him parading his little body in far out fashion on stage so confidently over the years made me comfortable in my own skin. His music has made us all feel sexy at some point even when we were feeling bad about ourselves. He showed me society’ standards don’t matter when you are truly yourself because like Prince once said, “despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people.” Cool is what you make it.

kiss music video by prince
That body, that crop top. The sass. What other man can pull off a crop top like that? There is no one else. The dancing is so good, too!
“Kiss” was one of my favorite music videos growing because of the crop top and the break dancing. Oh, and the amazing song. It also has one of the easier outfits to recreate because finding a ruffle button down last minute with a purple suit isn’t as easy as you would think. So here I am rocking bell bottoms and a crop top in honor of my main man. Even now Prince is still pushing me because I thought I would never wear bell bottoms in my adult life. Boy was I wrong.

Prince, it’s been so lonely without you, but I’ll always have you with me. Thank you for showing me the way.

What I’m Wearing:

Black bell bottoms Forever 21+

Black halter crop top Forever 21+ (similar and yes I glued buttons on this crop top to make it look like Prince’s)

Vintage fringe leather jacket Urban Outfitters 

Amoolia purple sunglasses Shopjeen

Amethyst liquid suede cream lipstick NYX

prince kiss single

Prince kiss outfit
I’m gonna show you what it’s all about
forever 21 plus size bell bottoms and crop top
Act your age, mama. Not our shoe size
prince inspired fashion
You can’t be to flirty, mama…
purple sunglasses
I know how to undress me
purple rain sunglasses
You don’t have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude.
plus size bell bottoms and crop top
Women, not girls, rule my world. I said, they rule my world.
vintage fringe leather jacket
I just want your extra time and your… KISS.
Of course it rained, all day that we tried doing this shoot. Purple Rain for the Purple One. Thank you Manda for taking awesome photos despite everything going wrong this day. Prince put us to work.

plus size fuzzy coat
I only wanted to see you underneath the purple rain.