Chunk Travels: Costa Rica Travel Guide

Pura vida, dude. That’s basically the way to say, “coolio, dude” and so much more in Costa Rica. Callie and I had such a baller time on our San Diego vacation that we thought, “hmmm, let’s take this thing INTERNATIONAL.” So we did. We researched forever (so like a week) and finally landed on visiting Costa Rica during Labor Day Weekend. We found reasonably priced roundtrip tickets just 2-3 months before our trip, which we

All Summer Sixteen Playing Dirty Not Clean In The GabiFresh Princess Fatkini

“You gon feel it now. I’m out here looking for revenge… all summer sixteen.” – Drake Drake pretty much set up the rules to own this summer so I had to follow them. Revenge? Looked for it and got it. As always, summer was busy busy busy because in Chicago we maximize the shiz out of the warm months. This summer I balled out, per usual, but this year felt different because I wasn’t crawling

What the f@#% is that in my closet?: An Adidas crop bralette

Admitting you have a problem is the first step Guys, I’ve officially run out of closet space. At first I was proud of my mass collection of plus-size crop tops, but when I counted that I had 60 crop tops I knew things had gotten out of hand. After that my eyes wandered over to my collection of skater skirts that I’ve only touched twice the summer. Then I started noticing all these random sequin

Turn A Bad Body Day Into A Yo Gotti Day With A Swimsuit

Beyoncé has bad days. Yes, you read right… even Beyoncé. My confidence and self-esteem have both grown by leaps and bounds, but there are still days where I feel eh or blah. That’s okay though because everyone has days where they feel like this. Even people like Queen B have days where they don’t feel 100% about their bodies or confidence because they’re bloated or tried on something that wasn’t flattering. It happens to everyone. Just

Plus Size Festival Fashion Tips From Pitchfork 2016.. plus my cute friends

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley Also, “One thing ’bout music, when it hits you feel no pain and I swear I got this shit that makes these bitches go insane.” – Drake Music has the ability to take us to another world and transcend time. Music also has the ability to bring people together. Music is the shit. We are so lucky to live in

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Liquid Lipstick Is The Bomb

“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like it’s better than yours. Damn right. It’s better than yours. I could teach, but I’d have to charge.” -Kelis Guys, you know how much I love a good matte liquid lipstick. Actually you know that I ONLY love matte liquid lipsticks! Oh, and if you ever seen me you know that my brows are always on point and that’s because of the best esthetician in

Witch Worldwide Review: The witches are doing it for themselves

The sisters witches are doin it for themselves Man, what a time to be alive. SCOTUS just ruled in favor of women’s health rights and made reckless domestic violence a misdemeanor while the presumptive Democratic nominee is a woman. WHOA! Crazy to think how much things have changed considering that women weren’t even allowed to wear pants on the Senate floor until 1993. Freaky shit, huh?  We’re tapping on the glass ceiling and it’s ready to

One One Three Clothing And How To Love Your Chunk

What’s a little skin? Sometimes a piece of skin can destroy your confidence. For most of my life, I completely loathed my pooch or pouch or whatever you want to call it. Looking down at the pooch or seeing it in the mirror brought me anxiety, which would bring me to tears. Touching it would bring self-loathing so I hid it with Spanx while simultaneously making fun of it so no one could say anything

Chunk Travels: New Orleans Local Guide

Alright guys, let me warn you that you won’t be seeing a Café du Monde beignet in this post, but instead you’ll see a beignet infinitely more delicious. Truth is, this isn’t my first rendezvous with New Orleans – it’s more like my 9th or 10th-  because my sister went to college down in the Big Easy. Now, my very own best friend, Biermann, lives down there teaching at a magnet school because she’s an

Last minute plus-size shopping because I turned my birthday into a lifestyle

Girl, let me r-r-r-rock your body. Growing up chubby always meant stressful shopping situations. My options were always limited to department stores or trying to squeeze into a 14 until the rise of plus-size fashion in the past few years. Even with more choices than ever it’s still not abundant. New Year’s Resolutions are BS to me because the calendar year doesn’t define how long I’ve been on this planet. These past few years I’ve