Orange Creamsicle Velvet Dress & Duster From Boohoo Plus

Velvet is at an all time high So why not take it to the next level? This winter velvet is popping up everywhere as it should because it’s hella soft while our skin is dry and crackly. It’s all about balance, right? I’ve been going strong in the velvet game technically since I was a baby, but most recently the past few years. You’ve seen me rock some pink crushed velvet and a velvet crop

I’m Just Too Much For You… In My Isolated Heroes Sequin Duster

” I fucks with you ’til I realize I’m just too much for you. I’m just too much for you.” – Beyonce (because she knows everything) Some of us are wasting time being disingenuous, not to other people, but to ourselves. We worry “am I too much of this or not enough of that?” Well, the truth is for some people we are too much or not enough. That’s just how it goes. Instead of

Finding my set point weight and happiness at my heaviest

The story of before and after my fear of 210 I had an irrational fear of a number. This number consumed me. It scared me. 210 caused me anxiety. Everything was wrong with 210. 210 was unacceptable. It was the tipping point. 210 represented failure. Since I was 18 I’ve touched 210 every other year, if not every year. ┬áBefore 210, I always feared 200. When I touched 200, though, my new fear became 210.

Self Love Brings Beauty… and a lot of other cool stuff

Self love brings beauty When you’re caught up in everything that’s wrong with you then you can’t see everything that’s right with you. You see someone else’s success as a reflection of your failures. You see someone else’s beauty and wish you looked like them. Then maybe you’d be happy. DAMN, BUT FORGET THAT NOISE. One person’s beauty doesn’t define another’s beauty. None of us are made the same and comparing yourself to someone else’s

Lounge in leopard and sequins this holiday season

Tis my favorite season of the year… sequin season. It’s that time of year again where sequins and fancy outfits are abundant. In the past, I’ve kept my holiday outfits pretty standard considering I usually just wear a black dress or a black skirt with, you guessed it, a black sequin top. Always chunky, but maybe not so funky. As the year comes to a close and as my blog is almost a year old,

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Vermillion Venom Look 2

All that glitters is gold, right? Well not everything, but in the case of Pat McGrath Vermillion Venom lip kit you can both glitter and gold at the same damn time. At the same damn time? Yes, at the same damn time. Since the kit comes with venom microfine glitter and metallic gold powder you can create an array of looks to the be the flyest girl or boy on the block. To get this

What the f@%# is that in my closet? Meow, a catsuit.

Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, jumpsuit them boys up to something It’s been staring at me for 83 weeks, or 19 months, every time I wake up and every time I go to bed. Just hanging there with its tags still on in between button down shirts I only wear when all my other shirts have sauce or Cheetos dust spilled on them. I kept meaning to wear it these past two years, but it just never happened

Pat McGrath’s Lust 004 Vermillion Venom Lip Kit (Part 1)

Sometimes you just want to “walk across the room like Naomi Campbell.” There is no one fiercer (or scarier) than Naomi Campbell. When I saw her rocking Pat McGrath’s glitter lip kit at the VMAs I knew I had to have it. Well, actually I already knew I had to have it from seeing influencers, like Nadia Aboulhosn and Paloma Elsesser, rocking the lip kit… Oh, and Rihanna. But seeing Naomi just cemented how much

Ashley Graham’s Siren Red Swimsuit Brings Out The Sports Illustrated In Me

Long Live Ashley Graham “You would be pretty if you just lost some weight.” Oy, plus-size women have always been told that they can’t be sexy until they lose weight. Instead of appreciating what we have we’re told to reach for mostly unattainable body goals. We are warned our whole lives that life will be harder because of our size. And of course, plus-size women have always been told they can’t be swimsuit models. Well,